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Russian Orthodox Church St. Michael the Archangel
The first Russian Orthodox Church in Spain is located in Altea and opened in 2007. The materials were brought from the Urals (all is wood) and the builder is a Russian developer intended to resemble a temple of the seventeenth century.
On one side of the church baptismal temple is built, with a swimming pool for adults who converted to the Orthodox faith to submerge whole body, and in another, a house for the priest, with rooms to give talks to children and soup kitchen.
Craft market
Every summer in the Plaza de la Iglesia can find the Crafts Festival. Unlike other markets, in this whole world it is really craftsman; to qualify for a position has to show that everything that is sold is actually manufactured by who wants to put the job. It's great to walk in the afternoon or at night through the old town and run into this craft shows that animates the streets with their colorful.
Garden of the Senses
There are places that are indescribable in words, and the Garden of the Senses is one of those magical places. It is a botanical garden and house. Ideally, a walk through the garden, enjoy the river, fish, vegetation, countless birds, their secrets of seats corners, pergolas, hammocks ... and then drink a tea with a homemade cake (the exquisite) or carrot delicious natural fruit smoothies. But especially if you're looking to relax and enjoy the silence of nature.
It also has a cottage (2 rooms) located within the garden, and close to the beach Olla (pebble beach but very clean and relaxed), but the best is the garden setting. The possibilities are all you can think of, paint, meditate, walking, yoga, relax, work in a different scenario. It is the closest thing to paradise.
You can not go with children. It is recommended to go on weekdays and mid-afternoon.
Although the nightlife of Altea is characterized for being very quiet and peaceful, has much to do in that time of year you visit, since in summer season as well as in the spring the night has much more life..with tourists, visitors and the same people as the place giving tours and dining in the many good restaurants that offers the city.

To make the path nightlife, nothing better to climb to the Church Square in the Old Town, where every year in the months of July and August you can visit the so cocnocida Craft Fair, of great tourist attraction attracted by the charm and magic of the environment.

and numerous restaurants of international fame that make the delights of local visitors and tourists, you can find many bars in different corners that one is discovering walk through. While the more traditional ones are the surrounding the Church in the Plaza Mayor, where in addition to taking good cocktails you can listen to live music of different styles such as: Jazz, Soul, dancing to the tune of Cuban rhythms, among others, enlivened by groups that have been forged a reputation at the local level.

In the area of the historic all the bars, pubs and restaurants have terrace area, that makes them attractive especially in summer... On warm nights where you can have a drink in good company either with friends, with the couple..and alternating with other people making the summer night a perfect finish.

About 5 km from the campsite is Benidorm. We can boast some spectacular Theme Parks and Water Parks, offering you an incredible variety of entertainment - making it one of the destinations for most important families of Europe!

Terra Mítica The biggest theme park and exciting of all Europe, with incredible attractions and shows around the park. Pirates, Gladiators and street comedians totaling more fun. Now with spectacular theatrical evenings.

Aqualandia It fun from start to finish - Wet from head to feet and participate in the madness more fresh. Since The Big Bang or Kamikaze, up to bathe placidly in the lagoon, come to enjoy the best of Benidorm.

Mundomar A fascinating underwater world of beautiful underwater animal life and exotic birds. Dance with the dolphins, sea lions, Fun shows with parrots and the playground. Do not miss the giant aquarium.

Terra Natura Terra Natura, a truly amazing place where experience the four elements of nature in the four regions of the park - a truly unforgettable visit.

Aqua Natura A lot of fun for kids of all ages with Walkways, bridges, castles of water and 800 meters slides amazing.

Altea is a continuous party. Throughout the whole year, every game or Altean neighborhood pays homage to its patron.

In February, are parties Mig Any ( "half a year") of Moors and Christians in honor of San Blas, '' La festa del porquet '' is done in the Plaza of the Church third Saturday (February) and the Christ of Health in Altea la Vella. In June, the turn of the holidays comes in honor of the Holy Trinity in the neighborhood of Bellaguarda, Sant Antoni heading Cap Blanch and Sant Joan in the neighborhood of fornet (old town). In July, the seafood feast in honor of San Pedro and the Virgen del Carmen to which continuous San Jaime in Cap Blanch take place and Santa Ana < /strong> in Altea la Vella.

August begins with the feast of San Roque , heading de l'horta to the following parties San Lorenzo where a fireworks display is performed in the declared good tourist "Castillo de l'Olla" which shoots for more than 27 years ago castle. We can say that is one of the few fireworks that shoot entirely from the sea and is about innovation for pyrotechnic worldwide. This festival brings together the 2nd Saturday in August more than 50,000 people and is part of the game of l'Olla. Sant Lluis Sant Isidre and also develop in the month of August.

In September are the Thomas and, to round off the end of the summer, the fourth weekend of September, the Festivities in honor of Cristo del Sagrario accompanied by the feast of Moors and Christians . To end the year, in December, parties Santa Barbara in the game Sogay and La Purisima

held in Altea la Vieja.                               

Due to its location between the bay, the mountains of Bernia and wealth of the river Algar, seafood and locally grown star in the gastronomy of Altea, with a rich and wide variety of dishes. Among the most typical, they include snails with onion, "cruet de peix", sea urchins and, of course, arroz a banda or "empedrat". Among the specialties of workshop highlights the "coca a la lluma" and "farcida coca," traditionally eaten during the holidays in Altea.