1) Any person who registers and access Camping will be required to comply with these rules and other provisions contained in the legislation.
This regulation is part of any particular provision of camping to be exposed publicly.

2) All campers must upon arrival, report to the reception and give the complete summary of people, cars, etc ... are not allowed entry to people not staying at the campsite. In exceptional cases the camper can get authorization to introduce under their responsibility, family and / or friends, for a limited time previously noted, depositing document proving their identity. The visitor will be obliged to comply with the rules of this Regulation. Visitors must leave the premises before the deadline established and in no case can stay overnight without prior registration. Failure to comply with this rule, on charges will be counted from the day of arrival.

3) entry to those who are liable to the Company for services rendered prior and whose amounts have not been made effective in their day shall be permitted.

4) The customer must prove both their identity and that of his companions, with documentation, at the discretion of the management of the campsite, is sufficient and sign the necessary documents for registration.

5) Rates are exposed in the official poster. Camping's session ends at 12 noon. At least one day become due and after 12 hours will mean another day outings.

6) The location of tents, caravans and other vehicles shall be made during the opening hours of Camping and squares to be allocated. Changes in location or parcel must be previously authorized.

7) The electrical connection must be requested at the time of registration. The user will have mandatory cable hose moisture and pin grounded plug. The connection may only be performed by the personnel. Consumption may not in any case exceed the maximum power granted, so connecting electrical appliances in the aggregate exceed that contracted power is prohibited, as well as handling installation for this purpose.

8) installation by customers of items that do not correspond with temporary, proper and regular use of stay in campsites and / or adversely affect the tourist image is expressly prohibited the establishment. Specifically, they can not be installed in the soil plots, fences, sinks, appliances and anything else that by fixing transmit an image of permanence in the camping, constituting installation by the customer sufficient cause for termination of the contract of accommodation, either whatever its form, without the right to compensation.

9) not allowed to leave unoccupied tent or caravan, unless authorized by the Direction of the Camping.

10) Quiet hours will be from 24:00 h. at 07:00 h . During these, the client will avoid all kinds of noises or voices and cover the sound and lighting equipment so that it does not disturb your neighbors. the movement of vehicles is prohibited, except for emergencies previously authorized.

11) dogs or other dangerous animals or annoying other campers are not allowed. Dogs must do their needs outside the campsite and must be tied in it.

12) the least possible use of vehicles inside the camping is recommended by limiting their speed to 10 km. / H. use sports, leisure or practical driving any kind of vehicles, especially motor being the perpetrator of this criminal civil rule responsible for any accident is not allowed.

13) Any services that the Camping provides, without justification the current tourism legislation has the character of absolute voluntariness, so it may suspend all or part delivery at any time.

14) In the event of default or abandonment, address Camping may transfer elements camp to a new site outside the campsite without the security offered in the camping , to leave it free and plot.

15) Unless otherwise agreed other conditions, the deadline for payment of amounts due for stays or services expires at the end of the day (12 hours). Consequently, at all times customer you may require payment of overdue days. In special circumstances, the judgment of management, it may request payment in advance.

16) The camper who violates any aspect of this Regulation shall be asked to leave the campsite and if not done voluntarily, shall be expelled by the Director, who is officially empowered to do so, requiring if it be necessary, the assistance of law enforcement.

17) The Company of Camping is not responsible for theft, theft or damage of any kind that may be victims campers and their belongings.
Nor is liable for damages caused by fires caused by campers themselves or their belongings, atmospheric incidents or any other cause outside the company.

18) The customer, by the mere fact of enrolling in the Camping, you agree to know and gives accordance with this Regulation.


a)  Someterse a las normas particulares de la Dirección del Camping encaminadas a mantener el orden y el buen funcionamiento del mismo.
b)  Respect the existing vegetation, avoiding actions or use of elements that damage.
c) Respect the facilities in general using them properly and leaving them in a position for a new use.
d) Collect all waste in closed bags, depositing them in containers that exist for this purpose.
e) W.C. chemicals or other items may only be emptied into the corresponding site. Place a container for sewage under your caravan. Do not throw waste water on trees or plants.
f) To pay for services used according to established rates and conditions.
g) Take precautions for the safety of their belongings and values.



a) Disturbing the rest of the other campers during quiet hours.
b) Playing games or sports that may be dangerous or disturbing others.
c) On the field any type of fire, except for gas stoves, butane or charcoal barbecues, always adopting the maximum safety measures.
d) Be in possession of any weapon or object that could cause an accident.
e) Enter people not staying at the campsite without authorization from the Directorate.
f) Tender unauthorized clothing or where they may cause inconvenience to other places.
g) Car Wash in another area of camping than the car wash.